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Sensitiva is more than just a contemporary apothecary brand – Sensitiva is on a mission to redefine the standards of CBD health and wellness products. Started by a group of individuals passionate about the healing power of hemp-derived cannabidiol, Sensitiva believes CBD should be available to all those in need.

Sensitiva provides customers with not only the most premium quality CBD products on the market but also the most innovative and wide-ranging product line so that customers can enjoy the benefits of CBD in all aspects of their lives.

To communicate the spirit of Sensitiva, we used an impressionistic approach. Where most brands give specific use cases for their products, Sensitiva uses carefully curated colours, minimalistic design, and copy that captures the intriguing and unexpected beauty of the everyday. This allows consumers to draw from past experiences, memories, and perspectives to conjure up their own impressions and create associations between products and their use without prescribing situations or scenarios.

Through Sensitiva, we have begun a dialogue about enriching our every day, and ultimately, our lives through CBD.

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