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Planworth had the opportunity to build something from the ground up – and they dreamt big. A platform built with comprehensive planning answers more than whether a client has enough money to retire. It facilitates tax and estate decisions, tailors solutions to the client’s unique circumstances, and responds as facts, goals, and laws change over time. Planworth believed in delivering a cutting-edge platform and advanced data analytics to empower its advisors to become the trusted guide at every step of their client’s wealth journey.

We stepped outside the financial industry’s traditional design boundaries and introduced a brand with many characteristics their consumers would soon relate to. The brand’s primary colours were used as a starting point to create an easily identifiable palette that integrates naturally into illustrations that help demonstrate the platform’s complex topics, creating several vignettes that everyone can identify with.

We designed a brand eco-system that’s simple, efficient, and adaptable. Considering digital and traditional media, from mobile to billboards, we created a flexible design system that could cut through the clutter while communicating intricate financial terms in a simple and captivating way.

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