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Calling all degens: Naffles is officially here! And from all of us at Carte Blanche Studio, we couldn’t be more excited to help make such an exhilarating project come to life.

Naffles is an NFT marketplace with an exciting twist that allows users to sell NFTs for more than the floor price using a raffle system.

As a disruptor of the space, Naffles saw an opportunity in a market primed for a “tsunami of degeneracy” to maximize profits. But in case you’re thinking about the term “degen” in the traditional sense, we wanted to take a minute to clear that up. Once used as an insult (derived from the term “degenerate”), traders in the crypto space have taken back the label, which refers to their appetite for risk, to now wear it with a sense of pride. In fact, we would go as far as to say it’s worn as a badge of honour.

Naffles clearly does things differently. Unlike most crypto spaces, Naffles has no PFPs, no game, and no land – just profit. And it was up to us to showcase it and get the message out.

As always, we started with branding. This is precisely why we love working on NFT marketplaces: every project is unique in its own way, designed to serve a specific group. And Naffles is no exception, with its lovable yet niche degen audience of very active traders.

Next, we worked on the full-stack development, which includes everything a user sees and interacts with. We went for bold, slightly jarring colours and clean lines to communicate the edginess of the platform. Finally, we were responsible for the overall build to ensure everything works seamlessly and the user has a great end-to-end experience every time.

Naffles is truly bringing something new to the NFT marketplace, and we feel confident our work accurately showcases this. With Naffles alive and ready, we only have one question for you: are you ready to degen?

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