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Memories: how they shape, mould, and connect us all. And how, through scent, we can be transported to different places, both old and new, places that our hearts seem to know – without us ever stepping foot on the soil.

La Mémorie is a heart-first luxury home fragrance brand, and we were absolutely thrilled to assist in their mission of translating boundless emotions into scents. It was a project near and dear to our hearts, where we were able to take full creative liberties and express ourselves through our art. Learn more about the brand’s creative conception below.

We’re still not exactly over the launch of La Mémoire, and we can’t wait for the next collection to drop.


La Mémoire’s story is beautiful, full of resilience and passion – of not waiting for the stars to align but instead taking calculated risks, so there is no other option but to succeed. Our opportunity was to tell the story in such a way that the audience would fall in love with the story, too.

La Mémorie focuses on stunning, original scents and how they relate to the human condition, triggering a multitude of emotions. So we dove deep into the theme of uniqueness at the individual level, living in a conscious collective.

We chose a minimalist aesthetic for every aspect of the branding. A gorgeous, romantic font, a clever, artistic logo, and precise copy evoke a sense of wonder. The brand whispers romantic boho chic, but it’s heard loud and clear across all forms of media.

Product Positioning

La Mémorie’s first product launch was the Origin Collection line of candles. The brand highlights that while our world is complex, it’s overflowing with wonder and beauty, with each product well positioned to tell its own story. The founder chose three distinct locations, paired with three distinct scents. The collection grabs attention with its bright, contrasting colours, lending itself beautifully to product photography.

The candles are 100% soy wax, hand-poured in small batches, and are phthalate, lead, and petroleum-free with environmentally friendly 100% cotton wicks. As a female-led business, we leaned into these differentiating factors, knowing how important they were to its overall positioning.

We created an end-to-end experience with La Mémorie’s gorgeous unpacking experience, complete with branded tape, hand-written cards, and complimentary matches. We consciously targeted a millennial market, who tend to enjoy a relaxed Instagram moment, taking them somewhere new.


It was essential to create excitement around the product line, so we chose to launch it in a limited-access way. A waiting list was set up well in advance to collect email addresses, and at launch, customers could only purchase the entire Origin Collection to enjoy the cohesive experience fully.

It’s effortless to make a purchase with our e-commerce solution, and customers receive the products quickly with email touchpoints along the way. Now, customers can browse through the site to pick and choose their personal favourites, creating a personalized experience.


La Mémoire’s website was a true passion project for us. Featuring striking photography of The Origin Collection and custom location stories, the website encapsulates La Mémoire’s purpose while showcasing the collection’s beauty.

Stunning yet functional, customers can easily navigate to where they need to be and find the information they’re searching for. La Mémoire gave us free rein to explore new ways to feature products in a streamlined, image-focused way, and we’re obsessed with the artistry of the web build.

Social media

We had the products, images and copy, and now it was time to weave the story together as La Mémoire’s social media presence. What started as a creative concept focused on discovering something larger and more complex than ourselves translated into the most powerful emotion on earth: love.

We worked with a film agency to create individual videos for each origin location and developed black and white Instagram reels teeming with emotion, designed for those who create their own destiny. Then, we took a staggard, selective approach to social media to create mystery and excitement. Once we had enough momentum, we supported La Mémoire’s full launch across multiple social media platforms, bringing the entire brand to life.

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