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Slowing down: investing in ourselves, our homes, and our communities

The 6 a.m. run. The hour-long commute. The rushed lunch date. A pal’s art show after work. Home well after the sun goes down. A life so full, full to the brim that we couldn’t even fathom adding one more thing. So what happened when all of that was taken away? 

It’s no secret that when the world shut down, we were all forced to slow down. Suddenly, gone were the external enjoyments that provided us with so much comfort. Now, everything had to be done at home, from the home. When all we had was ourselves to get comfortable with, we were forced to turn inward.

Becoming “us” again

Because of the pandemic, many of us immersed ourselves in the things we always wanted to do but never had the time. Books never finished, words never put to the page, recipes we were too busy to try. Simply spending more time at home with loved ones was something to cherish. 

Now, well over a year into the pandemic, we should all be proud of ourselves. Not only did you survive a global pandemic, but you also became you again. While we too miss the workout classes, hugging friends, and the boozy brunches as much as anyone else, perhaps we were not robbed of this time, but rather we were gifted it.

Investing in our homes 

Over the past year and some, the home became more than just a place to sleep and hang out. Work, school, date nights, hobbies and other interests now operated out of the same space. And for many of us, that space was small. 

Some moved out of the city to work remote forever, some found a bigger space for cheaper when prices dipped for that one blip in time, and some of us stayed put. Regardless of where you holed up to wait for the pandemic to “end,” one thing was very certain  – you’d be spending a lot of time there. 

This is where the change and the magic happened. Instead of decorating with cheap generic items using online brands, many of us learned the importance of quality, not quantity. To invest in what brings us joy, things that have a story and a person (not a corporation) behind them. If the body is the soul’s home, and the home is the physical body’s home, well, we finally gave it the respect it deserves. 

Investing in our communities 

When it came to nourishing ourselves and caring for our spaces, we made it our mission to shop local during this time. As small business owners ourselves, there has always been a sense of comradery when it came to the lockdowns. We felt it wasn’t fair for our clients to be forced to shut while large corporations were allowed to stay open. 

So we supported local businesses as much as we could and got involved with the amazing communities around us. And now, as the world starts to open up, we’re letting out a collective sigh of relief. 

It’s time to take what we’ve built inward and use it to build up our local communities once again. 

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  • Lyne Bond

    Well said and I really enjoyed reading this, very insightful and true. What you wrote is positive and it is much appreciated at this time.

  • Alan Peacher

    What an amazing read. Truly impactful! Look forward to your future reads.

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