How to Level-up Your Visual Branding on Instagram

A visual brand identity is all about how your business looks and feels on social media.

On Instagram, a strong visual identity can help strengthen your brand message, make you look more professional, and even convert visitors to your profile into lifelong followers.

And the good news is, you don’t need to break the bank to do it.

You can improve your visual branding on Instagram for free with the help of a few online tools. Here’s how:

What is a Visual Brand Identity and Why is it Important?

Many brands struggle to get to grips with having a visual brand identity, but it all comes down to how your business looks and feels with every social post you share.

Having a strong visual brand identity can give an instant impression of your brand’s personality and values, without saying a single word.



It’s an opportunity to share your brand’s story: Fun and lively? Clean and minimalist? Youthful and rebellious?

The colors, fonts, and imagery you use can paint a picture in seconds.

On a crowded and competitive platform like Instagram, the strength of your visual branding can make or break whether someone follows your profile and engages with your brand….

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